We know how hard it can be to establish new business in a foreign country where the regulations differ from the ones you usually know. That’s why, to make the right decisions in the administration, negotiation, investment, and procedures for both foreign individuals and entities, we have a group of experts who can provide the necessary economic, legal and financial evaluations and guidance so that you and your enterprise may develop and flourish in Colombia.


Because of this, you can trust in experts like us to manage your investment projects in Colombia so that they develop safely and effectively, complying fully with the myriad established legal and fiscal requirements.

  • Procedures for visas in Colombia.
  • Foreign investment in Colombia.
  • Accounting for foreigners.
  • Income tax returns for foreigners residing in Colombia.
  • Representation services in Colombia.
  • Immigration certification procedures in Colombia.
  • Obtaining a Foreigner Certificate.
  • The opening of bank accounts for foreigners in Colombia.
  • Counselling in mortgage loans for foreigners in Colombia.
  • Apostille of documents for foreigners in Colombia.
  • Authentication of documents for foreigners in Colombia.
  • Validation of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for foreigners in Colombia.