We know how difficult it is to keep up legal and personal issues linking you to Colombia. Even finding the time for this is difficult, and expertise in certain subjects might be required. In addition, being located outside of the country makes these tasks difficult to perform personally.

Let us help and advise you on these matters without the need for you to personally be in Colombia. Trust experts like us. We can offer a great number of possible services that can be handled from Colombia with total confidentiality.

  • Retirement
  • Pension and pension collections, including for disability
  • Pension collection
  • Substitute compensation for old-age and survivor’s pension
  • Life insurance
  • Legal actions
  • Study of resolutions granting or denying rights to pensions
  • Retroactive pension rights
  • Pension increases for dependents
  • Interest owed on pension payments
  • Obtaining favorable status in the general pension system
  • Suspension of membership in the social security system in Colombia
  • Formalities for marriage with foreigners
  • Application for custody of one minor child
  • Departure of minors permit process
  • Filiation of Extramarital child
  • License to dispose of constitute mortgage in a minor assets.
  • Declaration and dissolution of the marital union
  • Declaration of absence and death of missing person
  • International family law proceedings
  • Exequatur (execution) of judgments abroad in Colombia
  • International return of minors
  • International executive process of alimony and child support
  • Procedures of adoption (accompaniment)
  • LGBT community issues
  • Surrogate motherhood
  • Creation of businesses
  • Liquidation of businesses
  • Statutory reforms
  • Legal assistance concerning public hearings
  • Defending against administrative fines imposed by traffic camera systems
  • Defense in legal processes following transit accidents (e.g., personal injury, homicide, property damage to vehicles, etc.)
  • Filing civil claims for vehicle damage, criminal complaints for personal injury and wrongful conduct, and insurance claims for compensation
  • Providing legal and compliance guidance, including as to the National Transit Code (e.g., driver’s licenses, registrations, transfers, mechanical/technical review, and SOAT)
  • Preparation and review of contracts relating to real property
  • Support in negotiations for buying and selling real estate
  • Title studies
  • Real estate trusts
  • Real property covenants
  • Contracts
  • Expert opinions in the area of finance for legal proceedings